The door at Daniel's cottage. Croft buildings dating from the 1700s and provides a picture of the once so common on Gotland wooden houses, of which there are currently yttrlit few houses left. In particular, in Tingstäde has there been a more speech-like settlements in the early 1900s. The single farm picture surrounded by bantun and the way one halvtun with four räckars superstructure shows a whole that is unique to the island. If the cottage fate is known by some, but its fate in the old days is almost unclear. Maybe croft building once moved to its current location? The cottage was in the 1800s after some old crofter. Here lived the crofter John Daniels and his family from 1878. Daniels family lived at the cottage more than 50 and is far behind torpartidens end. Daniel's cottage in Back Hagen Tingstäde monument has been declared 1999th
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