Gotland Ståndsdragoner was formed in spring 2005 by a small group of friends with many common interests, the 16 - and 1700s and the shooting of black powder weapons. The period is supposed to be recreated is the time when Charles XII reigned in Sweden, ie. approximately 1697 to 1718. Together we produce uniforms and other period dress, but even everyday appliances. The goal is to make everything as authentic as possible, while you have fun and learn from each other. Pattern for uniforms in the club, as well as designs for civilian clothes. Together the group members go to, other compounds organized Carolinian events, to see and learn, and to possibly in the future themselves organize similar events on the island. An additional purpose of such trips is to network and gain friendship throughout Sweden, but also in other Nordic countries. The group will also be performances by the uniforms and the weapons club and its members have. The group is politically and religiously independent! This text is from Enholm is an island off Slite, on the northeastern island. Here is part of the 1600-century fortress Karlsvärd and the island has also served as quarantine, where people with suspected symptoms were sent before the gangplank on Gotland mainland. On the western side is a peninsula where there is a cholera cemetery. Nowadays, the island is a military facility by the end of the 1990s was a restricted military area. Charles XI in 1656 endorsed a blueprint for a pentacle bastion fort with lågvall and murklädda graves on Enholm, having to forward any changes själv.1663 king decided that the fortress was resigning. 1710 revealed new proposals for a fort would be built at Slite, and new drawings were made, with the elderly as a basis. 1711 began construction, and the two bastions of intermediate kurtin was built. 1719 came to a halt building work once again, to resume in 1741. The actual bracket started now be continued, while a ravelin and a beach bastion began, and four shore batteries were built. The works hereby continued until 1752 and återupptogos 1764 and continued since the 1770 and April 22, 1788 found Charles XI, the Karlsvärd, which was still unfinished, was unfit to plan and could not protect the country, why the fort is now condemned as being useless, unnecessary and costly. To the Major General was instructed to Toll asked tyra plants burst and defense funds transporting to other locations. A request by the military commander on the island of Gotland von Hohenhausens 1834 for an engineer officer to help plan a masonry fortification did not lead to any resultat.Den This text is taken from The picture seems the later fortification from from the Crimean War was finished 1858th
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