Rail wagon lifting for maintenance

Rail wagon lifting for maintenance
Workshops major repairs Trenitalia Vicenza (italy) celebrated the hundredth anniversary Sunday, December 14, 2014 and for the occasion were opened to the public by providing the opportunity for citizens to visit the factory located in the heart of the "Railwaymen". The Great Repair Shops, OGR or, more recently renamed Officine Cyclic Maintenance, or WTO, are equipped facilities for maintenance, renovation and repair of locomotives and carriages damaged by accidents or breakdowns. Workshops owned by Trenitalia today under the aegis Technical direction and industrial purchases. The OGR also have the task to make revisions cyclical type 1, the most comprehensive and challenging, which include grains and pellicolature repainting, replacement of trolleys and dynamic tests. The OGR must be able to perform interventions of maximum on any type of rolling stock, even if in order to optimize the corporate organization today every OGR has been specialized for massive interventions on a few types of vehicle.
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Objekt: #14597102
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