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Selling images


Selling images

Selling images on Mostphotos is very simple.

We get the customers, you provide the content.

You retain all the rights to your images, what you sell is the right to use the image.


Earning money

Thousands of customers use Mostphotos to find locally inspired, authentic images - and your images are next in line!

We share 50/50 on sales and you get paid via Paypal, Skrill or bank transfer.


What's selling?

Bring out authenticity and sceneries from real life in your images and get inspired from your local surroundings!

Images from the streets in your city, important landmarks and of course photos of people are top selling categories on Mostphotos.

Family & friends make up great subjects in your photo and it is easier to acquire permissions to sell with Commercial license from your dear ones!


Image licences

Editorial licences

Editorial images can be used in news-related content such as articles and blog posts and do not require any specific permissions, e.g. from people visible on the image. When searching for images on Mostphotos you can easily filter between Editorial and Commercial images.

Commercial licences

Commercial images can also be used in advertising and marketing and are therefore more in demand. They require specific permissions, called Model and Property releases, if people and/or private places, logos or copyrighted design elements and artworks are visible on the image.

These are examples of photos that require specific permissions

Photo where it is possible to identify a person

If it is possible to identify a person on a photo you need a permission from that person to sell the image with a Commercial License, Please note that people may be identifiable even if the photo is shot from behind.

People in profile but with a recognizable tattoo

Tattoos or other highly distinguishing features may make it possible to identify a person even without the face visible on the photo.

Homes of offices that are privately owned

A photo shot in someone`s home or at private space like an office will require a permission from the owner.

These are examples of photos that DO NOT require specific permissions

Photos where it is not possible to identify a person

An `in the moment` shot of a person painting. Since it not possible to identify the person on the photo, no permission or model contract is required to sell this image with a Commercial license.

Photos that do not explicitly show the model

This image illustrates a popular sport but does not contain any people. Therefore it can be sold with a Commercial license with out any specific permissions.

Photos that use creative angles and composition

By using a smart angle it is not possible to identify the shopper and the photo does not require a model release.

How to work with Model and Property releases

Ask for permission

When taking a portrait or a photo of your friend`s apartment - ask them to sign an agreement so that you may sell the photos commercially!

Sign an agreement

By signing an agreement with the model / property owner you ensure that there will be no legal repercussions. Mostphotos accepts different kinds of model/property releases, but you may also use our own version.

Publish the image

When you have an agreement in place you can sell the image with a commercial license! make sure to save the agreement so that you can provide it if requested by the buyer.