Nuutajärvi Glass Village

Nuutajärvi Glass Village
Glass was born in the village in 1793 the extensive forests around Nuutajärvi increased thanks. Forest resources were the basic precondition for the enormous quantities of firewood for sucking the glass furnaces could be used. The establishment of glassworks in the 1700s was by no means unique, really rather fashionable. What is unique is that at that time set up a glass factory continued to operate without interruption. Nuutajärvi glass factory was Finnish glassworks, which was established in 1793. The glassworks is located in the so-called Glass village Urjalan Nuutajärvi agglomeration. Glass Village has been a major tourist destination Urjalan, a National Board of Antiquities has selected the nationally significant cultural environments schedule. Fiskars transferred in the spring of 2014 the production of the glassworks Iittala Prior to sacrifice, factory activity Nuutajärvi was Finland's oldest working glass factory. in connection with the creation of the glass factory was born in the village Nuutajärvi glass, which is Finland's oldest glass factory continued to operate without interruption for over 200 years. currently operates a number of individual works of art and the use of glass elements in the village. In addition, the glass-blowers future Nuutajärvi operates an educational training center Tavastia glass art unit. Glass Village built in the 1850's buildings are in active use. Buildings are the most famous architects of his time G. Th. Chiewitz designed. Nuutajärvi is a museum, Iittala Group Oyj's factory outlet, Glass Gallery (Independent glass shop co-factors), glass workshops and -galleries, coffee shop and grocers. Glass-blowing may follow spot. The factory after discontinuation of glass blowing village continues teaching and craftsmen activities.
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