Tammelantori Market Square

Tammelantori Market Square
Tammelantori Market Square is the Tammela district of Tampere. In the late 1800s the marketplace was the place for the city of arable land. Tammela plan, which includes the current Tammelantori, however, were drawn up as early as in 1887, and the market was introduced on 7 July 1900. In time sale was a bit of everything: sheet metal, wood, china, glass, footwear, fabrics, clothing, animal feed, hay and straw. Many families bought nearly everything they need to Tammela Square. Today, the market is the only market in Tampere all year, and it has a large flea market every Saturday. Market square known cafés and black sausage stall. Sellers of agricultural products must be regularly market square around Pirkanmaa and Satakunta to many.
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