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Mostphotos also provides a media storage solution in collaboration with Vy Bildbank. Vy Bildbank offer one of the market's most cost-effective media banks. The service includes media storage, smooth media sharing, a strong search engine and tools to facilitate all your GDPR needs. The platform is also cloud-based, so when you need access to your media, you can. Wherever you are, whenever you want.

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Open API & Flexible Sharing

Import images directly to InDesign, Photoshop, Word or PowerPoint, directly from the media bank. If you want to create your own connections, we also offer an open API. You can also create flexible links to share media files, to colleagues and others, and design the press function after your graphic profile.

GDPR & access to the media archive

Easily create a media archive according to GDPR's guidelines. Send out requests through text messaging or email, to create valid image consents, and track photos that have been recalled. You can also decide which user assets different employees should get access to in the media archive.

Strong Search Engine & Easy Export

Find you assets easily by searching for file types, metadata, tags, duplicates, colors and more. You can also add your own templates, and download images after what format, color profile and quality you prefer. Download images that have been adapted to your preferences will save you valuable working time, so you get more time for other things!

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What is included in the service?

  • No Start-Up Costs

    No extra fees! We’ll get you up and running in no time!

  • Free Support

    Free support and advice during our regular opening hours

  • Extensive Language Support

    The media bank supports Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish

  • Unlimited Users

    Give all your employees access to the service

  • User rights management

    Easily control which users have access to what material

  • Share photos & albums

    Easily share photos and album directly from the media bank

  • Tags

    Tag your photos to find relevant material

  • Press photo archive

    Make your press material easily accessible for press and media

  • Image information

    Add detailed information on how and where the images may be used

  • Statistics function

    Track usage by the media bank statistics

  • Set time limits

    Add publication date and expiration date to always keep your material up to date

  • Media formats

    The media bank handles all standard image and video formats