We treat all our customers and photographers’ personal information with utmost security. Below we explain how your information is managed.

In connection with the introduction of GDPR, changes and stricter management of personal information is only natural. Because of this we would like to explain changes we have made as well as making it easier for you to observe how we handle your personal information.

If you have further questions or thoughts, please feel free to contact us at

Mostphotos is a data controller, not a data processor

Mostphotos are responsible for all information uploaded to our service "". This means that Mostphotos is responsible for the personal information you as users upload to our service, regardless if it is user- or contact-information, images or model contracts.

For this reason, neither customer nor photographer need to sign a data processor agreement with Mostphotos. We are very careful with how, where, why and for how long we save your personal information. You can get a report on how we handle all personal information in the last section of this page:
"How do we process your personal data?"

For you, the customer

An image is a form of personal data. Mostphotos AB is responsible for all images on This means that we collect and manage images with utmost security. When you, the customer, have downloaded an image from we are unable to control how you handle this particular image (personal data), and you are responsible for managing the images (the personal data) in a secure manner in such a way that ensures that unauthorised people are not allowed access to the images/personal work. You are also responsible that you use the images with their associated licenses correctly.

If you would like to know more about license and usage you can read more in our user agreement. If you would like tips and consultation regarding how to handle the images in your organisation you can contact us at

For you, the photographer

Image and model contracts are personal information. In using our service as a photographer, you are responsible for uploading images you own the copyright for. There should always be proper model- and property-contracts when you publish all images for which they are required. It is also important that you choose the correct user license for the images: commercial license or editorial license. You can read more about licenses here.

Mostphotos are responsible for the personal information connected with the images you upload to and have therefore systems in place for quality assuring images, model contracts, and that you as photographers own the right to publish and sell the user rights of your images through our service. This is done to minimise the risk for you as photographers as well as for Mostphotos’ customers. If you, as a photographer, should intentionally break these rules you have committed a breach of contract and are solely responsible for possible damages the breach of contract brings upon Mostphotos and/or our customers.

You can read more about rights and usage in our user agreement on this page.

Model contract

In order for an image to sell with a commercial license which includes one or more identifiable people, a written model contract from all persons present in the image is needed.

Since model contracts contain personal information, the buyer does not get the model contract when the image is downloaded. The model contract is instead securely stored at Mostphotos AB. Should the buyer’s user license for some reason be questioned by an outside party, Mostphotos will provide the buyer with necessary information and the model contract appropriate to the image. This is done in order to confirm the user license, and the image license.

How do we process your personal data?

Below you will find information about what personal data we process about you, why we do it, where it came from, who is involved, and how it is used.

Just select the data subject category you belong to in the menu below.